How big is Graz?
On November 24th, the Austrian province of Styria elects a new parliament. One characteristic of Styria is that its capital, Graz, is much larger than any other city or town in the state. Naturally, one has to ask: How large exactly?

The map below allows you to answer this question for yourself: Just click or brush the circles on the map to test how many of those municipalities fit into Graz - or not. The colors indicate the different districts in Styria.

The main variable used for comparison is the number of eligible voters from 2019, but this is just half of the story. Use the dropdown to select the votes for different parties in 2015 to change the size of the dots accordingly. For some of them, Graz is just much larger (meaning more important) than for others.

Originally created for the election and in german, the tool was translated for the #30DayMapChallenge, as advised by Ramon Bauer/